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Micro & Miniature-Optic Services

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Miniature Micro Optics
Miniature Micro Optics

At Optics Technology, Inc. we maintain a leadership position in the field of micro and micro-miniature optics. With our 30-year background in sub-millimeter lens design, we are a world leader in the production of close tolerance optical components and assemblies. We use innovative and proprietary processes to ensure accurate centering and cementing of optical components as well as technically advanced testing methods for ensuring the quality of all components and systems. 

We take the time up front to work with our clients, review specifications and gain a clear understanding of their specific optical requirements. Our use of custom tooling allows us to modify off the shelf cylinders. By paying close attention to material selection and tolerance requirements during the design phase, we engineer prototypes and then develop practical, cost-effective methods for transitioning to small to medium volume production levels. 

We manufacture optical lenses from all types of glass in spherical, hemispherical, hyper-hemispherical, and flat configurations. We also do edging of cylindrical lenses. Offered in diameters measuring as small as a single millimeter or as large as 30 millimeters, our lenses feature dimensional tolerances down to ±2 microns, wedge TIR within ±2 microns, and wavelength irregularity as little as 1/20 λ. Our advanced quality assurance methods ensure lens geometry, lens thickness, surface geometry, and all optical aspects meet the highest standards of excellence. We supply a Level 3 Technical Data Package that fully reports all quality metrics.

Our precision micro and micro-miniature optical components have been deployed in sophisticated micro imaging devices used for scientific discovery as well as applications in the commercial, military, medical, and sensory technology markets. With a diverse customer base that encompasses small and medium-sized organizations as well as global enterprises, we are equipped to meet the most challenging specifications and tolerances. Contact us today to learn more.

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Micro & Miniature-Optic Specifications

Miniature Optical System and Component Design
Micro-Optical Fabrication
Centering and Cementing of Optical Components
Optical Component and System Testing
All Glass Types
Stainless Steel
Rod Lenses
Hyper Hemispherical
1 to 30 millimeters
1/20 λ
Wedge TIR (Total Indicator Runout)
2 microns
Tolerances (±)
2 microns
Small to Medium
Turnaround Time
1 week
Additional Features
Level 3 Data Package - Interferograms of each surface, exact radius, specific center thickness
Proprietary Centering
Cylindrical Lenses Edging
Component Reverse Engineering
Modifying Off the Shelf Components

Additional Information

National Laboratories
Sensory Technologies
Intended Applications
Medical Devices
Micro-Optic Lenses
Microscope Objective
Laser Collimators
Fiber-Imager Eye Pieces
Endoscope Components
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