Our Company History

As a young engineer at Bausch and Lomb, Jim Anderson’s optical engineering ability and business skills were mentored by M. Herbert Eisenhart. Jim would later put these entrepreneurial talents to use as one of the architects of what is now Corning Tropel.

Anderson established Optics Technology, Inc. in 1986 to be a designer and manufacturer of unique precision micro-optical and mechanical systems and assemblies.

What makes Optics Technology unique-and is the direct expression of Jim Anderson’s vision-is the fact that our work often has game-changing impact.

Whether applied to microscopes at a university research center, an application for NASA, or a lens system for a global enterprise, we’ve seen that the energy of our employees and our ability to design and fabricate-machining new tools where necessary and, in many cases, assembling the entire component or system-have made a permanent improvement on a customer process or technology.

Experience this for yourself by talking with us about your next micro-optic project.