Micro & Miniature-Optical System AssembliesAt Optics Technology, Inc., we are a major provider of micro and miniature-sized optical system assemblies serving the sophisticated needs of technically advanced industries. We provide integrated solutions for customized, critically dimensioned optics on the miniature or micro-scale level. We partner with you from the concept stage to develop designs that optimize the functionality, usability, fabrication, and assembly of your optical systems and promote your technical strengths in a very competitive industrial marketplace.

Our multi-disciplined engineering team includes industry thought-leaders responsible for ground-breaking advancements in micro-optical technologies. With our 30-year long history in the field of miniature optics, we have pioneered new and innovative processes for manufacturing high-quality optical assemblies for products such as micro imaging systems, high numerical aperture camera systems, and others.Micro & Miniature-Optical System Assemblies We leverage our design engineering and micro manufacturing capabilities to advance your product through the prototyping process and on to low- to mid-volume production levels.

The design, development, fabrication, and assembly of micro and miniature optical systems is one of our core competencies. We have worked with leading universities, government agencies, and well-known research laboratories to promote scientific discovery and advance the field of optics and photonics. In addition to our strong presence in the medical industry, our precision micro-optical and mechanical systems and assemblies are also used in military systems, aerospace applications, and many others.

We have the resources to react quickly to your needs and can turn projects in as little as a week. We provide full, end-to-end services that include full optical and mechanical component fabrication, but also accept customer supplied components for integration into your custom optical assembly.

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Micro & Miniature-Optical System Assemblies Specifications


Miniature Fiber-Optic
Miniature Medical

Miniature Mechanical Devices
Miniature Prototype
Fiber Splicing


Stainless Steels


Customer Supplied Component Assembly
In House Component Manufacturing and Assembly

Wall Spacer Thickness

100 microns


Optical Metrology and System Testing


1 Week

Additional Information

Industry Focus


National Laboratories
Sensory Technologies

Intended Applications

Biomedical Research
Microimaging Systems

Microscope Objectives
Pediatric Otoscopes
Very High Numerical Aperture Camera Systems (High NA Camera Systems)

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