“Time and again, OTI has proven to be a valuable business partner, providing courteous technical support, fast turnaround, and high degree of conformance to design specifications.”
– Ervin Goldfain
Senior Optical Engineer
Welch Allyn Inc

“We sought-out and tried multiple vendors and no one else could meet the challenging specifications, tolerances, or price targets. Optics Technology met all the requirements and did so in time.”
– Dr. Joe Dallas
Avo Photonics, Inc.

“I have worked with OTI for over 10 years. We’ve collabroated on projects that required manufacturing and assembly, as well as repair, design, and troubleshooting. They deliver on every project.”
– J. Patrick Ireland
Senior Product Development Engineer
Grace Medical

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with the team at OTI for over 5 years. If you need custom high-performance optical assembly and you need it quickly they are the place to go to.”
– Julie Bentley
Bentley Optical Design


Meritorious Unit Citation
Awarded By: Director of Central Intelligence

Intelligence Medal of Merit
Awarded By: Central Intelligence Agency

Mentions and Co-Authoring

Design and Demonstration of a Miniature Catheter for a Confocal Microendoscope, – Rouse – Applied Optics – 2004 (897 KB)
Reflectance Confocal Endomicroscope with Optical Axial Scanning for in vivo imaging of the Oral Mucosa, – Jabbour (742 KB)